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Kenton Blau in America – 168 Hours in the USA

A travelog by Kai Reininghaus | Dual language edition (German – English)
With pictures & collages | Translation by Susan Wansink
(ISBN 9781 502487254 available on amazon europe and america)
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Cover Kenton Blau in America - Dual language edition Zweisprachige Ausgabe von Kai ReininghausIn the summer of 2013, Kai Reininghaus’ book „Kenton Blau – Die Leipziger Tagebücher 1986-1987“ (Kenton Blau – The Leipzig Diaries 1986-1987) appears, chronicling his life during the Communist dictatorship in East Germany just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Six short months after the book hits the shelves, he finds himself for the first time, on the other side of the Atlantic, at the invitation of Virginia Wesleyan College, where his book was the subject of a seminar on life during the Cold War.

Kenton Blau in Amerika Bildergalerie Kai ReininghausNow with texts, photos, and collages, his 168 hours in the US come to life before the reader’s eyes. He first embarks on an unexpected journey into NYC, then inhales the beauty of the breadth of the waves on the sand in Virginia Beach. The open sky above the water is limitless. Reality blurs with fiction, as the ocean with the horizon.
An extraordinary artistic account of his adventures.

Kenton Blau in Amerika Virginia Beach Kai ReininghausAbstract of the introduction (by Susan Wansink)

In his “Kenton Blau in Amerika” Kai once more brings a sense of adventure to his arrival—this time in the US instead of Leipzig. Seeing the side of the world where I reside through his eyes and engaging narrative style gives me insight and renewed appreciation for the spaces I sometimes overlook in my own backyard.

He reminds me that life is in the touch of the ocean, the unexpected hours and conversations in NYC, the joy of restaurant owners so excited to share their fried food—even if it isn’t exactly gourmet cuisine. Kai leaves me waiting with baited breath for his next novel. His adventures continue and will continue to delight his readers. Who can guess where Kai and Kenton Blau will go next?!

Kenton Blaun in Amerika VorwortSusan Wansink is Professor of German am Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk (V.A.)

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Kenton Blau in Amerika_New York City_Kai Reininghaus


Kenton Blau in Amerika_The Ocean_Kai Reininghaus


Kenton Blau in Amerika_food and gasoline_Kai Reininghaus


Kenton Blau in Amerika_ghost crabs_Kai Reininghaus

Kenton Blau in America – 168 Hours in the USA
A travelog by Kai Reininghaus with pictures & collages
Translation by Susan Wansink
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